Cabezón: Glosados, Diferencias, Tientos

Antonio de Cabezón: Glosados, Diferencias, Tientos
Trio Unda Maris
La mà de guido 2014

Although generally considered keyboard music, these works also work well in other arrangements. The pieces themselves are of very high quality, and easily the best contrapuntal instrumental works from Renaissance Spain. The transcriptions are well-conceived and carried off in believable and idiomatic ways.

The performance is superlative, powerful and directly expressive with a depth of subtlety. It is one of the best Renaissance instrumental performances around. The recording quality is not quite what it might be on other labels, but not a serious problem.

The solo keyboard performances are also good, although not the feature here due to the strong ensemble work. The clavichord playing can be especially appealing, however, and complements the chosen harpsichord recital well. This remains the most appealing Cabezón recording overall.

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Todd M. McComb