Codex Bamberg

Codex Bamberg
Camerata Nova / Ensemble Chominciamento di Gioia - Luigi Taglioni
Stradivarius 33476

This is a welcome program, as a continued exploration of the early motet is merited. Concentrating on the Bamberg Codex alone gives the program some continuity, especially as the various underlying melodies are treated differently. The instrumental items also serve to make this Codex noteworthy.

The performances are nicely done, frequently with a lightness of line which does not yield to lack of confidence. Variety is achieved in ensemble constitution with these otherwise frequently similar pieces, and individual lines are always clearly audible. The renditions show a good connection with the material.

While not a groundbreaking interpretation, or truly central repertory, this program nonetheless remains worthwhile as a nice complement to some other major releases.

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Todd M. McComb