Marini: Opus 8

Marini: Curiose invenzioni dall'opera ottava
Monica Huggett / Galatea - Paul Beier
Stradivarius 33549

This is easily the most compelling recording of pre-Corelli violin music presently available, between program and performance.

Here Marini is fully into the violin-dominated proto-sonata style which was to become so signficant, and he adapts it with flair and imagination combined with a real substance.

The performance is excellent, with a good feel for the music throughout, and a richness in overall tone.

Comparing this rendition to the more conspicuous release by Manze is natural, and so I must say that I find Manze's playing of Italian works of this era highly disappointing, especially his Marini. His interpretations give little feel for the internal rhetoric of Marini's music, and ultimately make it seem lifeless, somehow in spite of the virtuoso emphasis. The present performance lets the music sparkle, instead of wallowing in darker tones & individualistic exploits. There is really no contest.

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Todd M. McComb