Josquin: Missa Gaudeamus

Josquin: Musica Symbolica
De Labyrintho - Walter Testolin
Stradivarius "Dulcimer" 33722

This ensemble has followed their previous landmark recording with a worthwhile second volume. This one does not build on the previous style much, although continues in good form. An anticipated larger series has yet to materialize.

The Missa Gaudeamus is one of Josquin's more interesting cycles, and the program also includes some of his best motets. The performances are quite accomplished, reflecting a current view of how Josquin's sacred music should best be performed. There is a good lucidity & command here, as well as good articulation of rhetorical structures.

Or at least that was my earlier reaction to this recording, which is almost fifteen years old as I write this.... In any case, new motet programs have been especially slow to form, so whereas some groups might have done a better Missa Gaudeamus by now — and it remains one of Josquin's best cycles, particularly among those securely attributed — this album remains distinctly valuable.

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Todd M. McComb