Bill Dixon: Tapestries for small orchestra

Tapestries for small orchestra
Bill Dixon, et al.
Firehouse 12 Records 04-03-008 [CDx2+DVD]


  1. Motorcycle '66 "Reflections & Ruminations" (Dixon)
  2. Slivers "Sand Dance for Sophia" (Dixon)
  3. Phrygian II (Dixon)
  4. Adagio "Slow Mauve Scribblings" (Dixon)
  1. Allusions I (Dixon)
  2. Tapestries (Dixon)
  3. Durations of Permanence (Dixon)
  4. Innocenenza (Dixon)
  1. Bill Dixon: Going to the Center

Performers: Bill Dixon (trumpet, electronics), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn, bass trumpet, piccolo trumpet), Graham Haynes (cornet, flugelhorn, electronics), Stephen Haynes (trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn), Rob Mazurek (cornet, electronics), Glynis Lomon (cello), Michel Côté (contrabass clarinet, bass clarinet), Ken Filiano (double bass, electronics), Warren Smith (vibraphone, marimba, drums, tympani, gongs)

Playing time: 108' (CDs), 31' (DVD)

Recording date: July 2008 (New Haven); released: 2009

The DVD features discussion by & about Bill Dixon, interspersed with extended video of these musicians playing his music and him conducting, for the main video. There are also bonus videos of some of the full works from the CDs.

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Todd McComb