Joe Hertenstein: Tørn - Crespect

2nd Floor 014


  1. Batterie (Carla Bley)
  2. Weeep (Hertenstein/Tang/Zoubek)
  3. The Flaps (Hertenstein/Tang/Zoubek)
  4. Prag (Tang)
  5. HK 3 (Hertenstein/Tang/Zoubek)
  6. The Grips (Hertenstein/Tang/Zoubek)
  7. Subminus (Zoubek)
  8. Crespect (Hertenstein)
  9. In Flight (Hertenstein/Tang/Zoubek)
  10. Pol (Tang)
  11. Farago (Hertenstein/Tang/Zoubek)
  12. And Now, the Queen (Carla Bley)

Performers: Joe Hertenstein (drums), Achim Tang (bass), Philip Zoubek (piano)

Playing time: 48'

Recording date: 2009 (Loft, Cologne); released: 2011

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Todd McComb