Rhodri Davies: Common Objects - Whitewashed with lines

Whitewashed with lines
Common Objects
Another Timbre 85 [CDx2]


  1. Cup and ring (Davies)
  1. Repose and vertigo

Performers: John Butcher (acoustic & amplified saxophones; saxophones), Angharad Davies (acoustic & amplified violin; violin), Rhodri Davies (electric harp; electric & pedal harp), Lee Patterson (amplified devices & processes)

Playing time: 57'+44' = 101'

Recording dates: March 2014 (Newcastle, CD1) & May 2013 (Durham, CD2); released 2015

This double album is listed for the second CD, Repose and vertigo, which is improvised. The first CD, Cup and ring, is composed. Both use the same quartet of performers, but the instrumentation is slightly different. That for CD1 is given before the semicolon in the performer listing above, and that for CD2 after, when different.

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Todd McComb