Tom Rainey: Pool School

Pool School
Tom Rainey Trio
Clean Feed 185


  1. Home Opener (Rainey/Halvorson/Laubrock)
  2. Calico Road (Rainey/Halvorson/Laubrock)
  3. Three Bag Mary (Rainey/Halvorson/Laubrock)
  4. Pool School (Rainey/Halvorson/Laubrock)
  5. Om on the Range (Rainey/Halvorson/Laubrock)
  6. Coney (Rainey/Halvorson/Laubrock)
  7. More Mesa (Rainey/Halvorson/Laubrock)
  8. Crinkles (Rainey/Halvorson/Laubrock)
  9. Semi-Bozo (Rainey/Halvorson/Laubrock)
  10. Heymana (Rainey/Halvorson/Laubrock)
  11. Clean Feat (Rainey/Halvorson/Laubrock)
  12. Pacification (Rainey/Halvorson/Laubrock)

Performers: Ingrid Laubrock (tenor & soprano saxophones), Mary Halvorson (guitar), Tom Rainey (drums)

Playing time: 58'

Recording date: September 2010 (New York); released: 2010

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Todd McComb