Daniel Levin: Organic Modernism

Organic Modernism
Daniel Levin Quartet
Clean Feed 212


  1. Action Painting (Levin)
  2. Zero Gravity (Levin/Wooley/Moran/Bitenc)
  3. My Kind of Poetry (Levin)
  4. Lattice (Levin/Wooley/Moran/Bitenc)
  5. Kaleidoscope (Levin/Wooley/Moran/Bitenc)
  6. Old School (Levin)
  7. Constellations (Levin/Wooley/Moran/Bitenc)
  8. Furniture as Sculpture (Levin/Wooley/Moran/Bitenc)
  9. Audacity (Levin)
  10. Expert Set (Levin/Wooley/Moran/Bitenc)
  11. Wild Kingdom (Levin)
  12. Active Imagination (Levin/Wooley/Moran/Bitenc)

Performers: Daniel Levin (cello), Nate Wooley (trumpet), Matt Moran (vibraphone), Peter Bitenc (double bass)

Playing time: 55'

Recording date: April 2010 (New York); released: 2011

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Todd McComb