Joachim Badenhorst: Baloni - Fremdenzimmer

Clean Feed 237


  1. Lokomotive (Badenhorst/Loriot/Niggenkemper)
  2. La Marche Sifflante (Badenhorst/Loriot/Niggenkemper)
  3. Searching (Niggenkemper)
  4. Torsado (Badenhorst/Loriot/Niggenkemper)
  5. Wanna Dance? (Badenhorst/Loriot/Niggenkemper)
  6. 4 AM (Badenhorst/Loriot/Niggenkemper)
  7. 27'10 Sous Les Neons (Loriot)
  8. Wet Wood (Badenhorst/Loriot/Niggenkemper)
  9. Het Kruipt In Je Oren (Badenhorst/Loriot/Niggenkemper)
  10. Fremdenzimmer (Badenhorst)
  11. Wild Dogs (Badenhorst/Loriot/Niggenkemper)

Performers: Joachim Badenhorst (bass clarinet, clarinet, tenor sax), Frantz Loriot (viola), Pascal Niggenkemper (double bass)

Playing time: 48'

Recording dates: December 2010 (live) & November 2010 (Klagenfurt, Austria); released: 2011

I do not know who formed this trio, but I put Badenhorst's name here because not only is it first on the album, but he wrote the title track.

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Todd McComb