Joe Hertenstein: HNH

Hertenstein / Niggenkemper / Heberer
Clean Feed 332


  1. Würste & Sozialsysteme (Hertenstein)
  2. Threefold Collision 1 (HNH)
  3. Pitch (Heberer)
  4. Backwards (Hertenstein)
  5. Glutamat & Menschenrechte (Hertenstein)
  6. Centerpeace (HNH)
  7. Threefold Collision 2 (HNH)
  8. Let's Flee (Hertenstein)
  9. Nine E (HNH)
  10. Man on Wire (Heberer)
  11. Loose Ends (Heberer)

Performers: Joe Hertenstein (drums), Pascal Niggenkemper (bass), Thomas Heberer (cornet)

Playing time: 52'

Recording date: March 2013 (New York); released: 2015

This is the second of two albums on the same label with the same perfomers & the same name. This is "the white album."

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Todd McComb