Pascal Niggenkemper: Le 7ème Continent - Talking Trash

Talking Trash
Pascal Niggenkemper Le 7ème Continent
Clean Feed 373


  1. Great Pacific Garbage Patch (Niggenkemper)
  2. 135°W - 155°W & 35°N - 42°N (Niggenkemper)
  3. Gyres océaniques (Niggenkemper)
  4. Plastisphere (Niggenkemper)
  5. Talking Trash (Niggenkemper)
  6. Crochet Coral Reef (Niggenkemper)
  7. Ideonella Sakaiensis (Niggenkemper)
  8. Geisternetz (Niggenkemper)
  9. Kinetic Islands (Niggenkemper)

Performers: Pascal Niggenkemper (double bass), Julián Elvira (pronomos flute, sub-contrabass flute - tracks #1-6,8,9), Eve Risser (prepared piano), Philip Zoubek (prepared piano), Joris Rühl (clarinets, amplification), Joachim Badenhorst (clarinets, amplification), Constantin Herzog (double bass - track #7)

Playing time: 54'

Recording date: October 2014 & (for #7) March 2016 (Köln); released: 2016

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Todd McComb