Ståle Liavik Solberg: Hot Four - Eye of the Moose

Eye of the Moose
Hot Four
Creative Sources 256


  1. Eye of the Moose (Backer/Stackenäs/Williamson/Solberg)
  2. Antler of the Moose (Backer/Stackenäs/Williamson/Solberg)
  3. Claw of the Moose (Backer/Stackenäs/Williamson/Solberg)
  4. Tail of the Moose (Backer/Stackenäs/Williamson/Solberg)

Performers: Andreas Backer (voice), David Stackenäs (guitars), Joe Williamson (double bass), Ståle Liavik Solberg (drums, percussion)

Playing time: 35'

Recording date: 2013 (Arvika, Sweden); released: 2014

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Todd McComb