Ute Wassermann: Parak.eets - Natura Venomous

Natura Venomous
Sound Anatomy 008
Creative Sources 343


  1. Aldefa (Gordoa/Scott/Wassermann)
  2. Cicuta (Gordoa/Scott/Wassermann)
  3. Abrus (Gordoa/Scott/Wassermann)
  4. Ricinus (Gordoa/Scott/Wassermann)
  5. Taxus (Gordoa/Scott/Wassermann)
  6. Hippomane (Gordoa/Scott/Wassermann)
  7. Datura (Gordoa/Scott/Wassermann)
  8. Atropa (Gordoa/Scott/Wassermann)

Performers: Ute Wassermann (voice, bird calls), Richard Scott (modular synthesizer), Emilio Gordoa (vibraphone, percussion)

Playing time: 45'

Recording date: January 2015 (Berlin); released: 2015

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Todd McComb