Philipp Wachsmann: Stellari String Quartet - Vulcan

Stellari String Quartet
Emanem 5047


  1. Mauna Kea (Wachsmann/Hug/Mattos/Edwards)
  2. Pulvermaar (Wachsmann/Hug/Mattos/Edwards)
  3. Yasur (Wachsmann/Hug/Mattos/Edwards)
  4. Kilauea (Wachsmann/Hug/Mattos/Edwards)
  5. Popocatépetl (Wachsmann/Hug/Mattos/Edwards)
  6. Erebus (Wachsmann/Hug/Mattos/Edwards)
  7. Tujle (Wachsmann/Hug/Mattos/Edwards)
  8. Bardarbunga (Wachsmann/Hug/Mattos/Edwards)
  9. Batu Tara (Wachsmann/Hug/Mattos/Edwards)
  10. Dallol (Wachsmann/Hug/Mattos/Edwards)
  11. Ambrym (Wachsmann/Hug/Mattos/Edwards)

Performers: Philipp Wachsmann (violin), Charlotte Hug (viola), Marcio Mattos (cello), John Edwards (double bass)

Playing time: 56'

Recording date: 2016 (London); released: 2019

Precise recording dates are not given, but there were two locations, so presumably at least two dates.

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Todd McComb