Vasco Trilla: Still now (if you still)

Still now (if you still)
Mezei / Džukljev / Trilla
FMR Records 442-0217


  1. The place of no escape (Mezei/Džukljev/Trilla)
  2. Not true still now (Mezei/Džukljev/Trilla)
  3. Fox (Mezei/Džukljev/Trilla)
  4. Still now (if you still) (Mezei/Džukljev/Trilla)
  5. Because homework (Mezei/Džukljev/Trilla)
  6. The place of hope (Mezei/Džukljev/Trilla)
  7. Escape, of course (Mezei/Džukljev/Trilla)

Performers: Szilárd Mezei (viola), Marina Džukljev (piano), Vasco Trilla (drums, percussion)

Playing time: 62'

Recording date: September & October 2016 (Serbia); released: 2017

The recording claims to date from Autumn 2017, but was released in Spring 2017. Hence I'm guessing they mean 2016.

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Todd McComb