Udo Schindler: S.R.L. - In Search of Surprise

In Search of Surprise
FMR Records 617-0721


  1. Open Triangle (Schindler/Rolin/Lainé)
  2. Aerial Exchange (Schindler/Rolin/Lainé)
  3. Specific Metallic (Schindler/Rolin/Lainé)
  4. Metal Overtones (Schindler/Rolin/Lainé)
  5. In Search of Surprise (Schindler/Rolin/Lainé)
  6. Very Muted Bari (Schindler/Rolin/Lainé)
  7. Quasi Fugato (Schindler/Rolin/Lainé)

Performers: Udo Schindler (cornet, soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone), Etienne Rolin (basset horn, glissotar), Luc Lainé (vibraphone)

Playing time: 49'

Recording date: February 2021 (Munich, live); released: 2021

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Todd McComb