Daniel Studer: Trio KSZ - And George Lewis

And George Lewis
Lewis / Trio Kimmig-Studer-Zimmerlin
Hat Hut "ezz-thetics" 1010


  1. Very Nice (Lewis/Kimmig/Studer/Zimmerlin)
  2. Seven Colors and Number Ten (Lewis/Kimmig/Studer/Zimmerlin)
  3. Night Walk (Lewis/Kimmig/Studer/Zimmerlin)
  4. Natura Morta (Lewis/Kimmig/Studer/Zimmerlin)
  5. Tactus and Tatum (Lewis/Kimmig/Studer/Zimmerlin)

Performers: George Lewis (trombone, live electronics), Harald Kimmig (violin), Daniel Studer (double bass), Alfred Zimmerlin (cello)

Playing time: 56'

Recorded: April 2018 (Zürich); released: 2019

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Todd McComb