Ingrid Laubrock: The Madness of Crowds

The Madness of Crowds
Ingrid Laubrock: Sleepthief
Intakt 189


  1. Extraordinary Popular Delusions (Laubrock/Noble/Rainey)
  2. You Never Know What's in the Next Room (Laubrock/Noble/Rainey)
  3. The Slow Poisoners (Laubrock/Noble/Rainey)
  4. There She Goes with Her Eye Out (Laubrock/Noble/Rainey)
  5. South Sea Bubble (Laubrock/Noble/Rainey)
  6. Haunted Houses (Laubrock/Noble/Rainey)
  7. Does Your Mother Know You're Out? (Laubrock/Noble/Rainey)
  8. Tulipmania (Laubrock/Noble/Rainey)
  9. Hindsight is Always 20/20 (Laubrock/Noble/Rainey)

Performers: Ingrid Laubrock (saxophones), Liam Noble (piano), Tom Rainey (drums)

Playing time: 65'

Recording date: September 2010 (Brooklyn); released: 2011

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Todd McComb