Tom Rainey: Camino Cielo Echo

Camino Cielo Echo
Tom Rainey Trio
Intakt 199


  1. Expectation of Exception (Rainey)
  2. Mullet Toss (Halvorson)
  3. Mr and Mrs Mundane (Laubrock)
  4. Corporal Fusion (Halvorson)
  5. Arroyo Burrow (Laubrock)
  6. Strada senza nome (Laubrock)
  7. A Third Lane into Little Miss Strange (Halvorson)
  8. Leapfrog (Rainey)
  9. Camino Cielo Echo (Rainey)
  10. Fluster (Rainey)
  11. Mental Stencil (Laubrock)
  12. Two Words (Halvorson)
  13. June (Rainey)

Performers: Tom Rainey (drums), Ingrid Laubrock (saxophones), Mary Halvorson (guitar)

Playing time: 71'

Recording date: May 2011 (Brooklyn); released: 2012

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Todd McComb