Katharina Weber: It Rolls

It Rolls
Weber / Frith / Studer
Intakt 248


  1. It Rolls (Weber/Frith/Studer)
  2. Armen Seelen (Weber/Frith/Studer)
  3. Weh a Ways Away (Weber/Frith/Studer)
  4. Wildstrubel (Weber/Frith/Studer)
  5. Gong (Weber/Frith/Studer)
  6. Sparsam (Weber/Frith/Studer)
  7. Gefährten an der Kreuzung (Weber/Frith/Studer)
  8. Die Sprache der Dinge (Weber/Frith/Studer)
  9. Spieglein an der Wand (Weber/Frith/Studer)
  10. Trippen ohne flippen (Weber/Frith/Studer)
  11. Akelei (im Garten der Grosseltern) (Weber/Frith/Studer)

Performers: Katharina Weber (piano), Fred Frith (guitar), Fredy Studer (drums, gong)

Playing time: 59'

Recording date: July 2014 (Winterthur, Switzerland); released: 2015

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Todd McComb