Joe Hertenstein: Future Drone

Future Drone
Joe Hertenstein Trio
Jazzwerkstatt 126


  1. Future Drone (Hertenstein/Tang/Irabagon)
  2. Panicballad (Hertenstein)
  3. The Mirror (Hertenstein/Tang/Irabagon)
  4. The Ticker (Hertenstein/Tang/Irabagon)
  5. Two Days Ahead (Hertenstein/Tang/Irabagon)
  6. Seven for Nothing (Hertenstein/Tang/Irabagon)
  7. Rotten Strawberry (Hertenstein/Tang/Irabagon)
  8. Ballad for Paul & Poo (Hertenstein)
  9. Breaking a Vow (Hertenstein/Tang/Irabagon)

Performers: Jon Irabagon (tenor saxophone), Achim Tang (upright bass), Joe Hertenstein (drums)

Playing time: 52'

Recording date: June 2011 (Cologne); released: 2012

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Todd McComb