Nicola Negrini: Scoolptures - Please Drive-By Carefully

Please Drive-By Carefully
Leo Records 671/2 [CDx2]


  1. Sometimes I feel so sick at the state of the world
  2. I can't even finish
  3. Sorry!
  4. The lifestyle you ordered
  5. What are you
  6. My second apple pie
  7. Laugh now
  8. Is currently out of stock
  9. Looking at?
  10. But one day
  11. We'll be in charge
  1. There's nothing
  2. More dangerous
  3. Than someone
  4. Who wants
  5. To make the world
  6. In the future everyone
  7. Will be anonymous
  8. A lot of people never use their initiative
  9. I need someone to protect me from all
  10. For 15 minutes
  11. Because no-one told them to
  12. The measures they take in order to protect me
  13. A better place

Performers: Nicola Negrini (double bass, ubass, metallophone, live electronics), Achille Succi (alto sax, bass clarinet, shakuhachi), Philippe Pipon Garcia (drums, prepared guitar, live electronics), Antonio Della Marina (sine waves, live electronics)

Playing time: 95'

Recording date: June 2012 (Mantova); released: 2013

These tracks have a little mapping on the back cover, where the individual aphorisms do not correspond to sequential tracks. They are given in track order above.

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Todd McComb