Sandra Weiss: Ramble

Sandra Weiss Quintet
Leo Records 738


  1. Water in Tubes (Weiss/Moritz/Warren/Ali/Costa)
  2. Transition Suite — Diffusion (Weiss/Moritz/Warren/Ali/Costa)
  3. Transition Suite — Scattering (Weiss/Moritz/Warren/Ali/Costa)
  4. Transition Suite — Dispersion (Weiss/Moritz/Warren/Ali/Costa)
  5. Ramble On (Weiss/Moritz/Warren/Ali/Costa)

Performers: Sandra Weiss (also saxophone, bassoon), Jonathan Moritz (soprano & tenor saxophones), Kenny Warren (trumpet), Sean Ali (double bass), Carlo Costa (drums)

Playing time: 48'

Recording date: February 2015 (Brooklyn); released: 2015

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Todd McComb