Jürg Gasser: Espresso Galattico

Espresso Galattico
Gasser 3
Leo Records 845


  1. Espresso Galattico (Gasser/Frey/Ulrich)
  2. Temptations (Gasser/Frey/Ulrich)
  3. Ewig währt am längsten (Gasser/Frey/Ulrich)
  4. Slow Fox (Gasser/Frey/Ulrich)
  5. Softly, But... (Gasser/Frey/Ulrich)
  6. Talking (Gasser/Frey/Ulrich)
  7. Joke (Gasser/Frey/Ulrich)
  8. Off We Go (Gasser/Frey/Ulrich)
  9. Ciao (Gasser/Frey/Ulrich)

Performers: Jürg Gasser (tenor saxophone), Peter K. Frey (bass), Dieter Ulrich (drums, buegel)

Playing time: 52'

Recording date: August 2015; released: 2019

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Todd McComb