Franziska Baumann: Nucleons - Hunting Waves

Hunting Waves
Leo Records 876


  1. Heisenberg's Accident (Baumann/Rotzler/Künzi)
  2. Hunting Quarks (Baumann/Rotzler/Künzi)
  3. Spinning (Baumann/Rotzler/Künzi)
  4. Seven Lives (Baumann/Rotzler/Künzi)
  5. Chain of Fools (Baumann/Rotzler/Künzi)
  6. Subatomic Whisperings (Baumann/Rotzler/Künzi)

Performers: Franziska Baumann (vocals), Sebastian Rotzler (double bass), Emanuel Künzi (drums)

Playing time: 39'

Recording date: November 2018; released: 2020

For unknown reasons, a recording date is not stated on the CD, but cross-referencing the information provided with the concert schedule on Franziska Baumann's web site gives 23 November 2018 as the date of the live performance.

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Todd McComb