Robert Dick: Solar Wind

Solar Wind
Dick / Léandre / Masaoka
Not Two 986


  1. Whispering of the Stars (Dick/Léandre/Masaoka)
  2. Speed of Silence (Dick/Léandre/Masaoka)
  3. Chronotype (Dick/Léandre/Masaoka)
  4. Pagophagia (Dick/Léandre/Masaoka)
  5. Dinoflagellates (Dick/Léandre/Masaoka)
  6. Prepsychotic Philosophers (Dick/Léandre/Masaoka)
  7. Blue Fugates (Dick/Léandre/Masaoka)
  8. Solar Wind (Dick/Léandre/Masaoka)
  9. On Time's Edge (Dick/Léandre/Masaoka)
  10. How Old is Your Shadow? (Dick/Léandre/Masaoka)
  11. Friends of the Sun (Dick/Léandre/Masaoka)
  12. Adiabatic (Dick/Léandre/Masaoka)

Performers: Robert Dick (glissando flute, bass & contrabass flute, piccolo, voice), Joëlle Léandre (contrabass, voice), Miya Masaoka (koto, percussion)

Playing time: 51'

Recording date: September 2018 (New York); released: 2019

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Todd McComb