Carlo Costa: Sediment

Carlo Costa Quartet
Neither/Nor Records 001


  1. Wither (Moritz/Swell/Ali/Costa)
  2. Pulverize (Moritz/Swell/Ali/Costa)
  3. Thaw (Moritz/Swell/Ali/Costa)
  4. Bloat (Moritz/Swell/Ali/Costa)
  5. Soak (Moritz/Swell/Ali/Costa)
  6. Molder (Moritz/Swell/Ali/Costa)

Performers: Jonathan Moritz (tenor & soprano saxophones), Steve Swell (trombone), Sean Ali (double bass), Carlo Costa (percussion)

Playing time: 41'

Recording date: December 2013 (New York); released: 2014

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Todd McComb