Carlos Zingaro: Live at Total Meeting

Live at Total Meeting
Carlos Zingaro / Jean Luc Cappozzo / Jerome Bourdellon / Nicolas Lelievre
No Business 48


  1. Total 1 (Zingaro/Cappozzo/Bourdellon/Lelievre)
  2. Total 2 (Zingaro/Cappozzo/Bourdellon/Lelievre)
  3. Total 3 (Zingaro/Cappozzo/Bourdellon/Lelievre)

Performers: Carlos Alves "Zingaro" (violin), Jean Luc Cappozzo (trumpet, bugle), Jerome Bourdellon (flutes, bass clarinet), Nicolas Lelievre (percussion)

Playing time: 52'

Recording date: December 2010 (live; Tours); released: 2012

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Todd McComb