Joëlle Léandre: Sudo Quartet - Live at Banlieue Bleue

Live at Banlieue Bleue
Sudo Quartet
No Business 51


  1. Sudo 1 (Léandre/Zingaro/Tramontana/Lovens)
  2. Sudo 2 (Léandre/Zingaro/Tramontana/Lovens)
  3. Sudo 3 (Léandre/Zingaro/Tramontana/Lovens)
  4. Sudo 4 (Léandre/Zingaro/Tramontana/Lovens)
  5. Sudo 5 (Léandre/Zingaro/Tramontana/Lovens)

Performers: Joëlle Léandre (bass), Carlos Zingaro (violin), Sebi Tramontana (trombone), Paul Lovens (drums)

Playing time: 48'

Recording date: March 2011 (live; Bobigny, France); released: 2012

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Todd McComb