Jean Luc Cappozzo: Second Stage - Grey Matter

Grey Matter
2° étage
No Business 63


  1. Echappée belle (Cappozzo/Hemingway/Wodrascka)
  2. Rivulet (Cappozzo/Hemingway/Wodrascka)
  3. The sheriff arrives (Cappozzo/Hemingway/Wodrascka)
  4. Grey matter (Cappozzo/Hemingway/Wodrascka)
  5. Possession (Cappozzo/Hemingway/Wodrascka)
  6. Up down (Cappozzo/Hemingway/Wodrascka)
  7. The ghost train (Cappozzo/Hemingway/Wodrascka)
  8. Tanz Ende (Cappozzo/Hemingway/Wodrascka)

Performers: Christine Wodrascka (piano), Jean Luc Cappozzo (trumpet, bugle), Gerry Hemingway (percussion)

Playing time: 49'

Recording date: October 2012 (live; Poitiers); released: 2013

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Todd McComb