Thomas Heberer: Interstices

Thomas Heberer / Achim Kaufmann / Ken Filiano
Nuscope 1029


  1. Annoatok (Heberer/Kaufmann/Filiano)
  2. Talkoot (Heberer/Kaufmann/Filiano)
  3. Cookbook 222 (Heberer)
  4. Passagg Amnesia (Kaufmann)
  5. Spinning Jenny (Heberer/Kaufmann/Filiano)
  6. Cookbook 417 (Heberer)
  7. Kopzorg (Heberer/Kaufmann/Filiano)
  8. Qts 4 Ct (Heberer/Kaufmann/Filiano)
  9. Otra cosa aparte - entrare (Filiano)

Performers: Thomas Heberer (cornet, trumpet, quarter-tone trumpet), Achim Kaufmann (piano, prepared piano), Ken Filiano (double bass, prepared double bass)

Playing time: 62'

Recording date: March 2015 (New Haven); released: 2015

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Todd McComb