John Butcher: Induction

Beins / Butcher / Dafeldecker
Ni Vu Ni Connu 024 [vinyl + download]


  1. Circulation (Beins/Butcher/Dafeldecker)
  2. Connection (Beins/Butcher/Dafeldecker)
  3. Conversion (Beins/Butcher/Dafeldecker)
  4. Confluence (Beins/Butcher/Dafeldecker)

Performers: Burkhard Beins (percussion), John Butcher (tenor & soprano saxophones), Werner Dafeldecker (double bass)

Playing time: 41'

Recording dates: June 2019 (Berlin & Leipzig); released: 2021

Although this item was also released on LP, I know only the download.... (However, release date is that noted on the LP — as inspected via photos.)

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Todd McComb