Henry Threadgill: This brings us to

This brings us to
Henry Threadgill Zooid
I: Pi Recordings 31
II: Pi Recordings 36


  1. White Wednesday off the wall (Threadgill)
  2. To undertake my corners open (Threadgill)
  3. Chairmaster (Threadgill)
  4. After some time (Threadgill)
  5. Sap (Threadgill)
  6. Mirror mirror the verb (Threadgill)
  1. Lying Eyes (Threadgill)
  2. This Brings Us To (Threadgill)
  3. Extremely Sweet William (Threadgill)
  4. Polymorph (Threadgill)
  5. It Never Moved (Threadgill)

Performers: Henry Threadgill (flute, alto saxophone), Liberty Ellman (guitar), Jose Davila (trombone, tuba), Stomu Takeishi (bass guitar), Elliot Humberto Kavee (drums)

Playing time: 39' + 44'

Recording date: November 2008 (Brooklyn); released: 2009 (v. I) & 2010 (v. II)

I have put the two parts of this album into the same file, despite that they were released several months apart (even into different years). They date from the same sessions with the same conception, etc., as two parts of one album. (They total barely more than the single CD limit.)

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