Steve Coleman: Functional Arrhythmias

Functional Arrhythmias
Steve Coleman and Five Elements
Pi Recordings 47


  1. Sinews (Coleman)
  2. Medulla-Vagus (Coleman)
  3. Chemical Intuition (Coleman)
  4. Cerebrum Crossover (Coleman)
  5. Limbic Cry (Coleman)
  6. Cardiovascular (Coleman)
  7. Respiratory Flow (Coleman)
  8. Irregular Heartbeats (Coleman)
  9. Cerebellum Lean (Coleman)
  10. Lymph Swag - Dance of the Leukocytes (Coleman)
  11. Adrenal, Got Ghost (Coleman)
  12. Assim-Elim (Coleman)
  13. Hormone Trig (Coleman)
  14. Snap-Sis (Coleman)

Performers: Steve Coleman (alto saxophone), Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet), Anthony Tidd (bass), Sean Rickman (drums), Miles Okazaki (guitars - tracks #2,6,8,10,11)

Playing time: 64'

Recording dates: May 2012 (Brooklyn) & September 2012 (NYU); released: 2013

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Todd McComb