Ben Bennett: Never

Bennett / Darrup / Wright
Palliative Records (no number)


  1. ✌ ✌✌
  2. 🔥📈=👨‍🚒📈
  3. 👺🥊🆒
  4. 🕳️
  5. 💿➜🗑️➜🚚➜🌊➜🎶🦑🎶🐬🎶🦀🎶

Performers: Ben Bennett (percussion), Zach Darrup (guitar), Jack Wright (saxophones)

Playing time: 63'

Recorded: 2018 (unknown); released: 2018/19

The CD release is noted as 2019, with no track titles given. The Bandcamp release (with its strange track title characters, as reflected here), however, says December 2018. The Bandcamp release is also the source for the "recorded in 2018" information, which remains otherwise vague. (I have elected to follow the CD release date for organizing it here, however.)

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Todd McComb