Anthony Braxton: Quartet at Sesc Pompeia

Anthony Braxton Quartet
Anthony Braxton Quartet
Selo Sesc 0066/15 [CDx2]


  1. Composition No. 366d (Braxton)
  2. Encore
  1. Composition No. 367b (Braxton)

Performers: Anthony Braxton (alto & sopranino & soprano saxophones, electronics), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, flugelhorn, bass trumpet), Ingrid Laubrock (soprano & tenor saxophone), Mary Halvorson (electric guitar)

Playing time: 67' + 75' = 142'

Recording date: August 2014 (São Paulo); released: 2016

The two CDs are live performances from 7 August & 8 August respectively.

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Todd McComb