Samuel Blaser: A Mirror to Machaut

A Mirror to Machaut
Samuel Blaser Consort in Motion
Songlines 1604


  1. Blaser: Hymn
  2. Machaut: Douce dame jolie
  3. Blaser: Saltarello
  4. Machaut, arr. Blaser: Dame, se vous
  5. Blaser: Color
  6. Blaser: Cantus planus
  7. Machaut: De Fortune
  8. Blaser: Bohemia
  9. Blaser: Linea
  10. Blaser: Introït
  11. Machaut, arr. Blaser: Tels rit

Performers: Samuel Blaser (trombone), Joachim Badenhorst (bass clarinet, clarinet, tenor saxophone), Drew Gress (double bass), Russ Lossing (piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer), Gerry Hemmingway (drums, percussion)

Playing time: 57'

Recording date: February 2013 (France); released: 2013

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Todd McComb