Don Malfon: Mutations

Malfon / Fernández / Guy
Sluchaj Fundacja! (Listen! Foundation) 06:2020


  1. Mutation 1 (Malfon/Fernández/Guy)
  2. Mutation 2 (Malfon/Fernández/Guy)
  3. Mutation 3 (Malfon/Fernández/Guy)
  4. Mutation 4 (Malfon/Fernández/Guy)
  5. Mutation 5 (Malfon/Fernández/Guy)
  6. Mutation 6 (Malfon/Fernández/Guy)
  7. Mutation 7 (Malfon/Fernández/Guy)

Performers: Don Malfon (alto & baritone saxophones), Agustí Fernández (piano), Barry Guy (bass)

Playing time: 52'

Recorded: February 2019 (Dachau); released: 2020

It turns out that the digital release originally included only six of the seven tracks, apparently by error, with Mutation 6 omitted in title, but Mutation 7 omitted in music (such that the album is actually longer than the 44' that appeared online). This mistake was corrected promptly by Maciej Karlowski when brought to his attention, so is no longer an issue.

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Todd McComb