João Camões: Earnear

Camões / Pinheiro / Mira
Tour de Bras 9012


  1. Imprint (Camões/Pinheiro/Mira)
  2. Dream Theory (Camões/Pinheiro/Mira)
  3. Time Leak (Camões/Pinheiro/Mira)
  4. Theoretical Morning (Camões/Pinheiro/Mira)
  5. Gömböc (Camões/Pinheiro/Mira)
  6. Airfoil (Camões/Pinheiro/Mira)
  7. Stifling Contretemps (Camões/Pinheiro/Mira)
  8. Triage (Camões/Pinheiro/Mira)

Performers: João Camões (viola), Rodrigo Pinheiro (piano), Miguel Mira (cello)

Playing time: 54'

Recording dates: December 2010 & January 2011 (Lisbon); released: 2014

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Todd McComb