Achim Kaufmann: Trokaan Project - 13 Asperities

13 Asperities
Trokaan Project
Trokaan Press 006 [CDx2]


  1. The Plow and the Furrow
  2. Paradoxically / He Tells
  3. A Lie
  4. In Amsterdam
  5. Long-Distance Thuggeries
  6. You Stop Taking / In Horror
  1. Swans
  2. In These Towns
  3. From My Vantage Point / Three Storeys / Paradoxically
  4. After Myth

Performers: Liz Allbee (trumpet, objects, extensions), Richard Barrett (electronics), Frank Gratkowski (alto saxophone, clarinets, flutes), Gabriele DR Guenther (voice), Gerry Hemingway (drums, sound objects), Wilbert de Joode (bass), Achim Kaufmann (piano), Kazuhisa Uchihashi (guitar, daxophone)

Playing time: 47' + 38' = 84'

Recording dates: March 2019 (Berlin, Köln); released: 2020

Poems were already written by Guenther, with the exception of CD1#5, which was created for the occasion. Music is improvised, in some cases based explicitly on textual cues.

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Todd McComb