Roscoe Mitchell: Conversations

Roscoe Mitchell w/ Taborn & Baku
I: Wide Hive Records 0317
II: Wide Hive Records 0319


  1. Knock and Roll (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  2. Ride the Wind (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  3. Distant Radio Transmission (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  4. Rub (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  5. Who Dat (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  6. Splatter (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  7. Cracked Roses (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  8. Outpost Nine Calling (Mitchell/Taborn)
  9. Darse (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  10. Last Trane to Clover Five (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  1. Frenzy House (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  2. Chipper and Bing (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  3. Stay Hayfer (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  4. They Rode for Them (Mitchell/Baku)
  5. I'll See You Out There (Mitchell/Taborn)
  6. Wha-wha (Mitchell/Taborn)
  7. Bells in the Wind (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  8. Shards and Lemons (Mitchell/Taborn)
  9. Just Talking (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  10. Next Step (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)
  11. Fly Over and Stay a While (Mitchell/Taborn/Baku)

Performers: Roscoe Mitchell (flutes, saxophones), Craig Taborn (piano, organ, synthesizers), Kikanju Baku (drums, percussion)

Playing times: 76' + 63'

Recording date: September 2013 (Berkeley, California); released: 2014

Although they were released separately (two months apart, it would appear), I have put both I & II into the same file here, since they are both from the same sessions, and seem like extensions of each other. II does have something of the character of a part two.

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