Fortune & Familiarity Series Bibliography: 2012-2015

This is a combined bibliography for the following series of four articles:

  1. Hierarchy as rupture
  2. Is postmodernism racist?
  3. Remède de Fortune
  4. What is familiar?

The bibliography consists of relevant monographs & anthologies cited in the articles above, as well as others I read relevant to & during the course of this writing. (2012 is when "the article on familiarity" — as it was called then — was conceived.) It does not include works by (typically, famous — I read a lot of Foucault in what now seems like a previous life, for instance) authors who were mentioned in a more general way, and by extension, does not include works that influenced the course of my thought prior to embarking on this series, unless they were subsequently cited specifically. I have not attempted to keep track of articles I read on web pages. Finally, this bibliography consists of written media only (so no music, visual art, etc.; in many ways, that's a big oversight, but I'm not breaking with convention on this point, at least not in this very specific space).

I am listing authors & titles carefully, but only pulling publisher and date info from what is in front of me. (You can search for the history of this information as easily as I can in today's world.) Other notes will also be infrequent & minimal. The goal is to identify the particular item, so that the reader can seek it out if desired. That readers might want to read these items is the sole motivation here, so any other factors are minimized.

Readers can likely observe that I often have a preference for an author's later work, i.e. subsequent to the writing that made him/her famous. I find that once a reputation is established, there can be a greater ease & flow to the communication, but of course not always.

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Todd M. McComb
15 April 2015