Cage: Number Pieces - Apartment House

Cage: Number Pieces
Apartment House
Another Timbre 178 [CDx4]


  1. Five (1988; version 1)
  2. Five2 (1991)
  3. Five5 (1991)
  4. Fourteen (1990)
  5. Five3 (1991)
  1. Five (1988; version 2)
  2. Seven (1988)
  3. Seven2 (1990)
  1. Five (1988; version 3)
  2. Five4 (1991)
  3. Thirteen (1992)
  4. Six (1991)
  5. Ten (1991)
  1. Five (1988; version 4)
  2. Eight (1991)
  3. Four5 (1991)

Performers: Anton Lukoszevieze (cello), Heather Roche (clarinets), Chloe Abbott (trumpet), George Barton (percussion), Stuart Beard (tuba), Mira Benjamin (violin), Raymond Brien (clarinets), Bridget Carey (viola), Pete Furniss (bass clarinet), Mark Knoop (piano), Simon Limbrick (percussion), Chihiro Ono (violin), James Opstad (double bass), Joe Qiu (bassoon), Christopher Redgate (oboe), Siwan Rhys (piano), Nancy Ruffer (flutes), Laetitia Stott (horn), Barrie Webb (trombone)

Playing time: 303'

Recording & production dates: August 2020 to May 2021 (Goldsmiths, York, etc.); released: 2021

The contents & playing time above are from the CD listing. For the digital release, Eight is divided into two tracks. And the following additional tracks appear:

Additional playing times: 37' (alternates), 33' (extracts)

Instrumentation for versions of Five -
1: bass clarinet, bassoon, viola, double bass, accordion
2: bass clarinet, violin, viola, double bass, accordion
3: bass clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola, double bass
4: oboe, 2 clarinets, bass clarinet, bassoon
alternate: not listed in booklet (but accordion, etc.)

Some tracks involve overdubs. The liner notes state that this was due to practical constraints due to covid. (E.g. Six is performed by two musicians.) And both Four5 & Five4 are performed by non-saxophone reeds (the latter e.g. by one clarinetist), while the flautist was able to take both flute parts in Fourteen (due to the sounds not needing to overlap).

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