Cage: Four6 / Pisaro

Improvisations and realisations of works by John Cage & Michael Pisaro
Chant / Davies / Drew / Edwards
Another Timbre 18


  1. Pisaro: Reader, listen (Harmony Series No. 10)
  2. Activation (improvisation)
  3. Cage: Four6
  4. Pisaro: La voix qui dit (Harmony Series No. 8d)
  5. Decentring (improvisation)
  6. Pisaro: Flux (Harmony Series No. 8a)

Performers: Tom Chant (saxophones, bass clarinet), Angharad Davies (violin, objects), Benedict Drew (electronics, objects), John Edwards (double bass)

Playing time: 69'

Recording date: January 2009 (London); released: 2009

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T. M. McComb