David Kappy: Gone

David Kappy
Andrew Will Recordings


    David Kappy: Cistern Music (1996)
  1. Pedals
  2. Overtones
  3. Duet
  4. Siegfried
  5. Didjeriduet

  6. Scelsi: Quattro Pezzi for horn (1956)
  7. I
  8. II
  9. III
  10. IV
  11. Daniel Harris: Iron Lung (1976)

Performers: David Kappy (french horn), Stuart Dempster (trombone, didjeridu - Cistern Music), Daniel Harris (electronics - Iron Lung)

Playing time: 66'

CD release date: 2000

The first and third pieces are described as essentially improvisations. David Kappy is Professor of Horn at the University of Washington.

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T. M. McComb