Feldman: For Christian Wolff

Feldman: For Christian Wolff
Dorothy Stone / Vicki Ray
Bridge 9279 A/C (3 CDs)


    For Christian Wolff (1986)
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Performers: Dorothy Stone (flute), Vicki Ray (piano, celesta)

Playing time: 177'

Recording date: November 2005 (Los Angeles); released: 2008

Besides being the most recent of the two recordings of For Christian Wolff, California EAR Unit ensembles led by Dorothy Stone on flute had already recorded Feldman's earlier three pieces for this type of ensemble. Clearly, then, this group came to this music as ready as possible to do it justice, and the interpretation is very incisive & intimate. The miking is quite close, meaning that everything is audible, and so one can appreciate the most minute aspects of timbre & technique. Dorothy Stone also died prematurely, like Feldman, and this recording was released shortly after her death, making it something of an homage to her.

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Todd M. McComb