Scelsi: Natura Renovatur

Scelsi: Natura Renovatur
Frances-Marie Uitti / Münchener Kammerorchester - Christoph Poppen
ECM New Series 1963


  1. Ohoi (1966; 16 strings)
  2. Ave Maria (1970; cello solo)
  3. Anâgâmin (1965; 11 strings)
  4. Ygghur - I (1961/65; cello solo)
  5. Ygghur - II
  6. Ygghur - III
  7. Natura renovatur (1967; 11 strings)
  8. Alleluja (1970; cello solo)

Performers: Frances-Marie Uitti (cello solo); Muriel Cantoreggi (concertmaster), Max Peter Meis, Romuald Kozik, Clara Baek, Michaela Buchholz, Viktor Konjaev, Bernhard Jestl, Mary Mader (violins); Kelvin Hawthorne, Nancy Sullivan, Stefan Berg, Aidan Pendleton (violas); Peter Bachmann, Michael Weiss, Benedikt Jira, Claudia Weiss (cellos); Veronika Pápai (double bass)

Playing time: 52'

Recording date: June 2005 (München); released: 2006

Tracks #2 & #8 are adapted from "Three Latin Prayers" for solo voice.

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Todd M. McComb