Scelsi: Kya

Scelsi: Kya
Marcus Weiss / Ensemble Contrechamps - Jürg Wyttenbach
Hat Art "Now" 117


  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. Ixor

  5. Rucke di Guck
  6. I
  7. II
  8. III

  9. Tre Pezzi
  10. I
  11. II
  12. III

  13. Yamaon
  14. I
  15. II
  16. III
  17. Maknongan

Performers: Marcus Weiss (soprano, alto, bass saxophones), Isabelle Magnenat (viola), Daniel Haefliger (cello), René Meyer (clarinet), Sylvain Lombard (English horn), Pascal Geay (trumpet), Ives Guigou (trombone), Denise Schoechlin (french horn), Philippe Racine (piccolo), Johannes Schmidt (bass voice), Pierre Stéphane Meugé (baritone saxophone), Alberto Geurra (contrabassoon), Jonathan Haskell (double bass), François Volpé (percussion)

Playing time: 56'

Recording date: November 1997 (Ixor, Tre Pezzi, Maknongan; Blumenstein), February 1998 (Kya, Rucke di Guck, Yamaon; live in Basel)

This recording features the saxophone versions of Ixor, Tre Pezzi, Maknongan as well as saxophone transcriptions of the other works here by Marcus Weiss. Kya is done with saxophone solo, Rucke di Guck with piccolo & saxophone, while Yamaon retains the bass voice soloist.

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Todd M. McComb