Cage: Thirteen - Four6 - Four3

Cage: Thirteen - Four6 - Four3
The Barton Workshop - James Fulkerson
Megadisc Classics 7799


  1. Thirteen (1992)
  2. Four6 (1992)
  3. Four3 (1991) - excerpt

Performers: John Anderson (clarinet, bass clarinet), Andries Boelens (oboe), Laura Carmichael (clarinet), Frank Denyer (piano), James Fulkerson (trombone), Nina Hitz (cello), Marieke Keser (violin), Wim Konink (percussion), Tobias Liebezeit (percussion), Gertjian Jan Loot (trumpet), Eleonore Pameijer (flute, piccolo), Jacob Plooij (violin), Elisabeth Smalt (viola), Jos Tieman (bass), Joeri De Vente (horn), Jos Zwaanenburg (flute, electronics)

Playing time: 79'

Recording date: August 2002; released: 2007

Note that this album famously has its cover misprinted as Fourteen instead of Thirteen....

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